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Large garden rooms and offices up to 30m2 internal floor space can often be built without Planning permission and can incorporate toilet, shower rooms and kitchens. PRICED FROM £29,995 everything can be made to your requirements with this model, but standard specifications include:


-      True Zero Maintenance Wood Fibre Composite Exteriors

-       Cladding in cost options of Natural Wood, or Self-Coloured Render 

-       Full Canopy (800mm) or Half Canopy (400mm) option including Downlights 

-       Twin or Sliding Doors fitted to LH or RH of Frontage for maximum light & wall space

-       Fully Plasterboarded & Skimmed Interior 

-       Super Warm Insulated & Certified U-Values

-       Flat Ceilings Inside but 3" Sloped Roof Outside

-       Steel & Concrete Pile Foundations Included

-       25yr Treated Timber Frame

-       25yr Rubber Roof Membrane

-       Fully Breathable & Ventilated Structure to avoid mould/damp

-       Underboarded for Vermin Control

-       28mm Double Glazed UPVC Doors/Windows

-       Comprehensive Electrical Package inc 2Kw Wall Heaters

-       Prices Include Fitting & VAT

-       Built Like a House, Not a Shed!


Top of the range specification with Doors fitted to LH or RH side to maximise light and interior wall space. Fully insulated for year-round usage with the equivalent of 150mm of fibreglass, it is offered with or without the canopy. The top section incorporates a UPVC soffit and fascia board with a fully ventilated roof for condensation avoidance. Lower specifications can be offered to save money such as reducing the amount of insulation.


See Product Name for external width and depth.  Add 1m (approx) depth for full width Decking or Roof Canopy when specified


Deduct 350mm from width and depth quoted in Product Name to establish approximate interior floor space.


This building complies with the 2.5m height limit for Permitted Development under current Planning Regulations, more HERE


Includes Concrete Pile Foundation with adjustable galvanized legs with 6 ton ratings or pneumatically driven Steel Screw Foundations to suit ground conditions.


Fully Insulated & Ventilated Cavity Walls comprising: Overall thickness 170mm (approx); 19mm Cedar, Wood Fibre Composite or Self-Coloured Render Cladding (cost option); Ventilated Cavity; Du-Pont Tyvek (or similar) Breather Membrane; 9mm OSB3 Exterior Grade Sheathing for rigidity; 96mm x 47mm (approx) treated C16 or C24 structural grade timber frames; standard 75mm (approx.) upgradeable to 125mm PIR foiled foam primary insulation layer; Vapour Control Membrane; 12.5mm Plasterboard and skim to interior walls; 3” White UPVC Skirting around base of interior walls.


Our standard supply is a Zero Maintenance Wood Composite cladding material with a manufacturers 20 year guarantee offering true ZERO maintenance, unlike timber cladding (see FAQs for explanation).  Self-Coloured Render or Cedar cladding is offered as a cost option if preferred.


Fully Insulated Floors comprising: (minimum) 125mm tanalised treated C24 Floor Joists; Double Joist Perimeter; Adjustable 6 Ton rated Steel Galvanised Legs; 75mm (approx) PIR Foam Insulation, under-boarded with 9mm OSB for rodent protection; Heavy Duty Damp Control Visqueen Membrane; 22mm Industrial Grade Moisture Resistant Floor Boards


Fully Insulated & Cross-Ventilated Roof comprising: 25 year Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane; 18mm OSB3 Exterior Grade Structural Roof Boards; 170mm (minimum) tanalised treated C24 grade Roof Joists; 75mm Ventilated Cavity for cross-flow air ventilation; standard 75mm (approx) upgradeable to 125mm PIR foiled foam primary insulation between joists; Vapour Control Barrier; 12.5mm Plasterboard and skim.


Black plastic gutters and downspouts connected to Water Butt with integral tap. Black and Grey UPVC Fascias and fully Vented Soffits front & rear for cross-ventilation and damp/mould avoidance 


When Specified: comprising: 125mm (min) 25yr treated Floor Joists; Zero maintenance Composite slip resistant Decking Boards; Galvanised Steel and Concrete Pile Foundations, stainless steel or green coated fixings, Black UPVC Fascias around Base.


28mm Double Glazed twin or single doors (Sliding Doors no cost option) in Grey outside/white inside (other standard colours no cost option, special colours at cost) UPVC (aluminium available as a cost option); Insurance Rated Multipoint security locking system; Pilkington's Reflective 28mm 'K' Glass as standard. 


28mm Double Glazed in Grey outside/white inside (other standard colours no cost option, special colours at cost) UPVC (aluminium available as a cost option). Pilkington's 'K' 28mm Reflective Glass as standard; Security Locks.


All assembled with stainless steel, galvanized or green coated exterior fixings.


Minimum 2 Gang RCD protected Consumer Unit; LED Ceiling Spotlights to suit size of room; minimum 5 Double Switched Sockets; interior Light Switches; all fascias in brushed or chromed steel; Exterior Water-Proof Socket; 2 Exterior Wall Lights and canopy downlights; 2KW Electric Convector Heater with Timer and Thermostat; external Connector Box for incoming SWA electrical cable - connection of Garden Building to incoming supply by others or priced upon application


All Structural Floor, Roof and Wall Timbers pressure preservative treated for minimum 25 year life expectancy


Your Garden Building will arrive with our trained installers ready for full assembly by us on our own concrete pile foundations (excludes interior decoration and armoured electrical mains supply cables and connection of incoming supply, priced extra if required due to variable site requirements). Please see the Base & Requirements tab for our ground condition requirements.


Click HERE for a list of areas that may incur additional delivery charges.


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FULLY ASSEMBLED OPTION - Your Garden Building will arrive at your chosen address with our trained installers. We will provide specialist pile foundations and will fully assemble your building, including internal plaster skim and electrical wiring to our RCD electrical consumer unit. Please note, we will not provide any interior painting nor an external electrical supply from your house to your new Garden Building unless contracted to do so separately. Click HERE for a list of areas which incur extra delivery charges.


In order to ensure that your RUBICON™Garden Building is installed in the correct manner it is important that the following Requirements are understood:

1) Ground conditions must be suitable for the installation of concrete pile foundations or cast in-situ concrete pads unless a suitable existing concrete slab is already in place. We can advise on this during our FREE site survey

2) Our quoted price for your RUBICON™Garden Room assumes that the area where the Building is to be fitted is reasonably flat. Although the feet of the building are adjustable by up to 18" there are limits which can incur additional costs. We will identify if this is the case during our FREE Site Survey.

3) From a Planning Permission perspective, most of our buildings can be fitted right up against your neighbouring walls or fences. However, we normally require a minimum of 600mm (2') clearance to three sides (unless you have permission from your neighbour for us to access via their land) and usually 2m to the front elevation of the building to facilitate access for assembly, and to allow us to take the necessary Health and Safety precautions on behalf of our fitting teams.

4) Some components of our buildings are very large and heavy, such as the panel assemblies which can be up to 10' x 4' and 200mm thick weighing in excess of 60 kilos. Consequently, it is important that access to site is unencumbered and free of obstruction. Please note: Access to site via an internal route through an existing building is not usually practical or permissible - check with us first.

5) Vehicular access to the front of the property at which the Garden Room is to be installed needs to be suitable for a large delivery vehicle, with adequate space for unloading large quantities of material. Talk to us if you think this may be a problem - we can usually find a solution...!

6) The area where your Garden Room is to be assembled should not be overgrown by hedges, trees, vegitation or other material obstructions or debris such that would impede our installation team, cause them potential physical harm (hawthorn hedges etc), or undue delays in having to clear the site and surrounding area prior to starting work.

7) You will need to ensure that there are no overhead or underground services such as electricity, water, telephone, gas or drainage which will impair our ability to install your Garden Room on the proposed site. Again, we can help to confirm this during our FREE Site Survey visit.

8) We will require access to a suitable 240v 50Hz mains electricity supply and mains running water for our staff during normal working hours, typically from 8:00am to 6:00pm each working day.

We now only supply/install within approx 60miles radius of our Deeside base (CH5)

Delivery is FREE within this area

Specifically, we NO LONGER supply to the following areas due to the distances and logistics involved:

All areas outside of the UK mainland


Greater London

South & SE beyond London 

South beyond Stoke on Trent


North beyond Preston and Manchester

Hastings, Dover etc


Norfolk Broads

Wiltshire & SW




Scotland & Isles

The Borders beyond Shrewsbury

mid Wales beyond Welshpool

South Wales

Northern Ireland