Bomb Proof Garden Office

11th Jul 2020

When Martyn and Helen Matthews from Manchester were looking to purchase a garden room over 3yrs ago, they visited our Deeside showroom and one of the things we always get asked is “How robust are they?”, followed closely by “What are the differences between your garden buildings and cheaper alternatives?”. Of course we waxed lyrical about how our rooms are built to Housing Standards; that even our smaller models weigh in excess of 4 tons, and how they are not like the cheaply built sheds offered by some competitors. In fact we often use the phrase ‘Bomb Proof’ in some of our sales spiel. Little did they, or we, know at the time that 3yrs later, having taken the decision to install one of our products, that they would be very thankful they didn’t opt for that cheap shed..! Fast forward to just a couple of months ago, and the recent high winds that battered the U.K., a large tree in their neighbours garden came crashing down - right on top of Martyn and Helen’s treasured garden room..! Thankfully, no one was injured. And the damage caused to the Rubicon Garden Room? Just a slight puncture in the rubber membrane on the roof - easily repaired with a self-adhesive patch. Now when we say “It’s Bomb Proof” we have the evidence to hand..! If you need a garden room or office that will stand-up to anything the weather can throw at it, call us now on 01244 552813 and when the nuclear holocaust threatens, you will know where to take shelter..