Flat Roof Ventilation for Garden Buildings

10th Apr 2018

When buying your insulated Garden Building its important to ensure that the roof structure is fully ventilated. Manufacturers of timber sheds do not provide this, which leads to mould formation, damp smells and ultimately failure of the roof structure.

Here at Rubicon Garden Rooms, our timber framed outbuildings are manufactured to the same regulations as a small house, not a timber 'shed'. All our Garden Rooms and Garden Office designs have fully ventilated roof voids of at least 50mm. Just like the roof to your house, air is allowed to flow from front to rear via grilled vents built into the fascia soffits.

Beware - if you are offered a Garden Building without proper roof ventilation it is likely to show signs of failure within 5 years, unlike our buildings which are designed to last 30+ years. So consider when you are looking to make a purchase whether paying a little bit more at the beginning will save you major repair costs in the future.