Garden Office for Picture Artist

13th Jun 2020

Diane took her time planning her garden office. Two years in fact..! She and husband Fil first visited Rubicon in 2017 and after much thought and further research, decided to place an order for Dianes dream office to be built in their garden during the summer of 2019. Diane is a picture artist, and sells her craftware all over the world as far away as Australia in fact. Using Google and online drawing and painting software, she creates magical pieces of art and frames them up for sale locally at craft fairs, or emails the finished paintings to remote clients. Diane said “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, in fact I wish I’d done it sooner. It’s changed the way I live and work for the better. Now I can just nip across the garden to do my work or nip back to the house to see family or put the tea on!”

Thanks to Rubicon, Diane’s dream came true, and so can yours by calling 01244 552813 for a no obligation quote from our friendly sales team.