Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

5th Aug 2020

It takes time to build a good company; it takes even longer to build a great one. So the old adage still rings true - Rome was not built in a day. It always takes time. And careful planning. It can’t be rushed. It takes time to find good employees, to train and nurture them. It takes time to develop great products and systems. It takes years to establish a customer service ethos the envy of our competitors. And it takes dedication to the finer arts of business to win awards year on year. So it’s of no surprise that it took so long to become Trading Standards Approved. Two years in fact. You can’t just pay the annual membership fee and join up. Oh no, the auditing process is long and arduous. No surprise either then that our competitors shudder to follow in our footsteps. Not only, that but subsequently in 2019, we win the Trading Standards Award for Best Customer Feedback. Our 5 star ratings speak volumes - independently checked and verified, they can’t be fiddled, unlike a lot of on-line reviews. It’s a great testament to our team and shows their dedication to making Rubicon Garden Rooms the best on the market. Built with care and Built to Last.