Granny Annexe Ideas

Granny Annexe Ideas

Posted by Rubicon Garden Rooms on 23rd May 2023

A granny annexe is one of the most popular types of garden rooms, especially with the rising cost of eldercare, residential properties, and retirement villages. Although it’s a super functional and pr … read more

RUBICON - TV Cameras are rolling..

27th Jan 2016

ITV Wales News visited our factory and showroom premises today to film a feature for their 6pm news bulletin tomorrow evening. Our MD, John Lyon was interviewed about Rubicon's role in providing … read more

Add a Granny Annexe

10th Aug 2014

So, your Elderly parents are in need of constant care - do you:a) Book them into that nice Care Home ten miles away from where you live and pay the monthly fees?b) Offer them a room in your own home, … read more