New TEAK Cladding

New TEAK Cladding

13th May 2021

Introducing our new TEAK Composite Cladding. OK, the paving and landscaping have yet to be finished but how fantastic does this building already look? With its realistic grain and subtle shading, you … read more

Bespoke Garden Rooms & Office

31st Jan 2021

Sometimes, that extra bit of luxury can make a world of difference. Whilst we offer numerous standard sizes and designs for our garden rooms and office, we also offer made to measure bespoke shapes an … read more

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

5th Aug 2020

It takes time to build a good company; it takes even longer to build a great one. So the old adage still rings true - Rome was not built in a day. It always takes time. And careful planning. It can’t … read more

Bomb Proof Garden Office

11th Jul 2020

When Martyn and Helen Matthews from Manchester were looking to purchase a garden room over 3yrs ago, they visited our Deeside showroom and one of the things we always get asked is “How robust are they … read more