What’s the Difference?

16th Sep 2018

So what’s the difference between one of our Garden Buildings and many of our competitor’s insulated Sheds? Well, for a start even the smallest of our buildings weighs around 3tons, and they are installed on substantial concrete & steel foundations. They won’t blow away even on exposed windy sites. Most differences are hidden inside the structure. For example - Everything is screwed together with 2000hr salt tested screws NOT nailed, as even galvanised nails rot in treated timber. Damp proof membranes, breather membranes, vapour control barriers are all standard in our buildings, so you don’t get that musty, damp smell in 5yrs. Importantly - Even our flat roof versions are fully cross-ventilated (actually, they slope on the top) just like your house, which is crucial if you want to avoid your roof timbers rotting. Our Garden Buildings are insulated with 75mm of PIR Celotex foil backed foam, which is the equivalent of around 150mm of fibreglass or other cheap materials that some manufacturers use. These are just a few examples - beware cheap imitations that look similar on the outside - it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference between a Garden Building which is designed to last in excess of 30yrs and one which will develop problems in 5-10yrs. Like to know more? Call us on 01244 552813