Add a Granny Annexe

So, your Elderly parents are in need of constant care - do you:

a) Book them into that nice Care Home ten miles away from where you live and pay the monthly fees?

b) Offer them a room in your own home, even though you will each lack the basic privacies of life and independence?

c) Invest in a Granny Annexe where you can each have your own privacy whilst saving money in the longer term?

Well, the Sunday Times 8th August 2014 states that 'Care Homes are charging an average of £625 per week for private residential care' - and that's not for specialist care either. This equates to around £32,500 per annum...!  How much cheaper would it be to invest in a Granny Annexe from RUBICON which, within 1 or 2 years would have paid for itself, and remained an appreciating asset for the future by adding value to your property.  Think of the benefits of keeping your loved ones close, enabling you to provide support to elderly parents within two hops of your back door, whilst at the same time, giving them (and you) the privacy and space needed to live an independent life - answers on a postcard please...