Granny Annexe

annexe-2-bed.jpgA Granny Annexe from Rubicon is truly a safe and comfortable home from home. Looking after an elderly relative these days is an expensive business with care home fees reaching extortionate levels. With residential care now costing anything from £40-£60,000 a year and the inherent health risks within communities of elderly residents (Covid risks etc), it makes sense to keep your loved ones close.

They can enjoy independent living, safe in the knowledge that a caring relative is just across the lawn in case of need. It makes sense economically too, with the cost of installing a luxury annexe in your garden often being recovered with 12-18 months of installation when compared to external residential accommodation.

For elderly relatives, selling the family home can be a traumatic and emotional experience. But when their home becomes too big to manage and with health deteriorating, liquidating this asset will free up substantial funds, enabling not only the purchase of the granny annexe, but also savings which can be banked for future security. 

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