A large hot tub in a garden room with bifold doors

Are there Garden Rooms in Different Styles?

Exploring the Diverse Designs of Outdoor Extensions

There is no doubt that garden rooms have become an increasingly popular addition to homes, offering a versatile space that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Not only do they provide an easily accessible work or living space, but these customizable structures also come in a wide array of styles, each catering to a unique aesthetic and functionality. Whether you seek a contemporary haven, a traditional retreat, a rustic escape, or a functional office, there's a garden room design that perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.

What are some of the garden room styles?

Contemporary Garden Rooms:

Embracing Modern Minimalism
Contemporary garden rooms provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, seamlessly
integrating with modern architecture. These structures typically feature large
expanses of glass, allowing for ample natural light and blurring the boundaries
between indoor and outdoor spaces. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a
minimalist approach to design characterize contemporary garden rooms, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

A garden office with a table and chairs.

Traditional Garden Rooms:

Nostalgia with a Touch of Modernity
Traditional garden rooms harken back to a bygone era, incorporating elements of
classical architecture and rustic charm. These structures often feature half-timbered facades, arched doorways, and weatherboarding, lending an air of elegance and nostalgia. Stonework, brickwork, and natural wood tones are prevalent in traditional garden rooms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Rustic Garden Rooms:

Embracing Natural Elements
Rustic garden rooms embrace the beauty of natural materials and evoke a sense of tranquillity and connection to the outdoors. These structures often feature exposed beams, reclaimed wood finishes, and stonework, creating a rustic charm that complements gardens with a natural aesthetic. Large windows and open-air designs allow for maximum natural light and enhance the connection to the surrounding landscape.


A Touch of Elegance and Light
Orangeries, with their combination of glass and masonry, offer a unique and elegant addition to gardens. These structures typically feature large glass panels that maximize natural light and create a greenhouse-like atmosphere, ideal for growing plants and enjoying the outdoors in all seasons. Orangeries often feature vaulted or arched roofs, adding a touch of architectural drama.

She Sheds and Man Caves:

Man cave with pool table, to and bar in Cheshire

Personalized Retreats
She sheds and man caves have emerged as popular garden room designs,
providing personalized spaces for relaxation, hobbies, and creative pursuits. These structures are often designed around the specific interests of the homeowner, with features tailored to their hobbies, such as art studios, home gyms, or game rooms. She sheds and man caves offer a sense of sanctuary and a dedicated space to unwind and pursue passions.

Garden Rooms with Extensions:

Expanding Your Living Space
Garden rooms with extensions offer an innovative way to expand your living space while preserving the character of your home. These structures seamlessly connect to your house, creating a unified living experience. Sliding doors or bi-fold doors maximize openness and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor areas. Extensions provide additional space for family gatherings, home offices, or play areas.

Custom Garden Rooms:

Tailored to Your Needs
For those seeking a truly unique and personalized garden room, custom designs
offer limitless possibilities. Architects and builders can work with you to create a
structure that perfectly matches your aesthetic preferences, specific requirements, and the layout of your garden. Custom garden rooms can be adapted to accommodate a variety of functions, from home offices and gyms to guest accommodations and entertainment spaces.

A 2 bedroom floorplan of a granny annexe including a kitchen and shower room