Making Your Purchase

Our Payment Process

Here at Rubicon Garden Rooms, we take pride in not only the products that we offer, but also the way in which our customer’s can make their purchase. It is important to us that we are fully transparent with our customers, and offer a fair and mutually agreeable way to pay for one of our Garden Rooms, Garden Offices or Garden Studios.

For this reason, our payment process works as follows:

- After your initial deposit of £1,500 to confirm your build slot in our calendar, you then have nothing to pay until 7 days before your project start date.

- Each of the payments that follow are then broken down into 4 or 5 payment stages (depending on build requirements), and then one final payment.

- Following your 1st Stage Payment 7 days before your build start date, the next 3 or 4 staged payments and final payment amount will only be due once the work has been done. For example, on a build worth £20,000 (less £1,500 deposit), the staged payments would occur as follows:

Booking Deposit (Paid on Contract signature) £1,500

1st Stage Payment (7 days prior to Build Start Date) - £4,250

2nd Stage Payment (Kit delivered; Base & Walls Erected) - £4,250

3rd Stage Payment (Main Cladding Fitted & Roof Covered) - £4,250

4th Stage Payment (Interior Plastered & Doors Fitted) - £4,250

Final Payment (On Completion, prior to Hand-Over) - £1,500

- You will notice that the final payment will be equal to the initial deposit payment, offering one final commitment on completion of your project, prior to handing over the keys to your new building.

How to pay

In an effort to make your purchase with us as suitable for your requirements, and as manageable as possible, we accept all major credit cards, as well as payments made via BACS.

There is a 2.5% charge for credit card payments, however we are happy to absorb this fee if you are only paying your initial £1,500 deposit via credit card. In the event you wish to pay any of our other staged payments via credit card, this fee will be charged.

We offer a credit card option, as customer’s have requested this as a means of safeguarding their purchase, associated with the Consumer Credit Act. For further information on the difference one payment via credit card can make, please click here.

Some additional advice

We want our customer’s to receive the product and service they deserve, and this is why we offer a process that we believe is honest, clear and fair, and demonstrates a willingness to work together.

Sadly, we have heard of other companies not adopting this philosophy, so this is why we would always recommend researching the companies you are working with, before making your commitment.

We have been established since 2006, have a fantastic reputation thanks to our case studies, the customer reviews we have received, both on Google and also through Trading Standards, not to mention we have won multiple awards for our customer service. However, we would encourage you to ask questions if you have them, both of us, and also of other companies you may come across.

You can call us on 01244 455666 or email

A patio with wicker furniture and yellow pillows.

“The service throughout was fantastic from start to finish. The team who installed it are a testament to the company. They worked tirelessly the whole time and were extremely professional and polite.”

Nicki Tinson