Foundations Built To Last

Foundations Built To Last

If you want your Garden Building to last in excess of 30 years, its important to make sure your foundations are substantial.

Some of our competitors use a simple recycled plastic grid system which is just placed on the ground and filled with loose gravel. This may be fine for a lightweight 'shed' type of Garden Building as its quick and relatively cheap, but our buildings weigh in excess of 3 tons so such a system would never be suitable.

Instead we bore holes all around the base area, an average of 16 for a medium sized building. We then fill these with concrete and insert galvanised adjustable jacks so that we can accommodate any uneven ground levels.

Once set, this provides a solid foundation on which we can construct our floor base. As you can see from the photo, this again is a substantial structure which is fully boarded underneath to prevent rodents attacking the floor insulation - something that a lot of ours competitors avoid doing to cheapen their price.

So the motto is 'Buyer Beware' - what looks the same on the surface and in catalogue photographs, often belies the fact that cheap construction methods and materials have been used to get your business..