A garden room office with top canopy and composite decking to side and front

Garden Room Ideas for 2022

For many people, working from home has become the ‘norm’. Increasingly, people are socialising at home more too. Which is why more and more people are choosing to build dedicated garden rooms. If you’re thinking about creating a garden room, but need some inspiration, keep reading! They’re far more versatile than many people realise…

Garden office

Forgive us for starting with one of the most obvious ideas for creating a garden room - but it does tend to be one of the main reasons people decide to pursue a garden room project.

Since 2020, more and more people have been working from home… and discovering that their cramped spare room or kitchen table isn’t exactly conducive to either comfort or productivity.

So, whether you’re working from home on a full time or hybrid basis, it can make sense to invest in a dedicated garden office.

And, don’t think that a garden office has to lack any of the comforts and tech of your home.

Here at Rubicon Garden Rooms we are able to design and build garden offices that feature:

  • Electricity.
  • Heating and super-warm insulation.
  • Panoramic patio doors.
  • Zero-maintenance composite exteriors.
  • And more…

In short, we are able to create garden offices that have everything you need to create a comfortable and productive working environment.

A garden office with composite decking and a rendered exterior

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Garden office ideas

If you want to create a truly-unique garden office that will provide a peaceful, comfortable haven for you to do your work, check out some of the ideas below.

Work ‘in’ the garden with panoramic doors/windows

If you want to be able to enjoy those long, hot summer days whilst you’re working, then there’s no better way to do so than by working in a garden office with large panoramic doors/windows.

At Rubicon Garden Rooms it’s possible to add beautiful, floor-to-ceiling panoramic doors to your garden room.

Enjoying your garden whilst you work is as simple as opening those doors and letting the garden come to you… You can sit at your desk and work, but enjoy the breezes and sounds of nature directly in your working space.

Our range of vista-style garden rooms are perfect for enjoying your garden, thanks to their corner panoramic window configurations.

Add a canopy

Nobody can work all day without a break. If you want to create a relaxing, sheltered outdoor space for those coffee breaks throughout the day, then add a canopy to your garden office.

At Rubicon we offer garden offices with integrated canopies. You can select to have either a full canopy (800mm) or half canopy (400mm).

The canopies on our garden rooms also include integrated downlights. So, even when the sun starts setting, you can stay out by your garden office enjoying those last rays of sunshine.

Add vertical storage

A garden office doesn’t just have to be a space for work. It can be a place for study and self-education too.

If you’re thinking of creating a garden office, then why not think about adding some vertical storage such as bookcases.

Bookcases and other forms of vertical storage greatly add to the versatility of your garden office, allowing you to store books and other items, as well as ensuring your new workspace doesn’t become cluttered and disorganised.

Add wall-mounted screens

For many people, one small monitor isn’t enough these days.

If you’re going to be working for long stretches of time, particularly if you’ll be referring to multiple spreadsheets and/or documents, it can help to have a large screen or monitor mounted on the wall above your desk.

Adding a wall-mounted monitor to your garden office will not only aid your productivity, but will also make your garden office more versatile. For example, if you fancy watching a film after work, you can do so in your garden office.

Brand it up!

Do you run your own business? Then a garden office offers you the perfect opportunity to promote and show off your brand.

If you know you’re going to be sitting against a particular wall all day, then you can add your business’ logo to it using either a vinyl cut out, or commissioned paintwork. That way, when you’re on video calls, you’ll be actively promoting your brand at the same time.

This will also reinforce that your garden office is very much your workspace, helping you to maintain a work/life balance which can easily be lost when working from home all the time.

Man cave

From the dawn of time it seems like man has always sought a space where he can spend some time alone and wile away the hours on his hobbies.

If you’re reading this and nodding along in recognition, then perhaps a man cave could be perfect for your home.

With electricity, insulation and more, garden rooms make the perfect man cave. Don’t just settle for a shed when you can enjoy a fully-kitted out garden room as your male space.

A garden room man cave with pool table and bar

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Man cave ideas

What exactly is a man cave? Well, ultimately the definition is up to you. As you’ll see from the ideas below, there are many different ways you can use a man cave - and thanks to their design and features, garden rooms are the best way of creating a man cave.

Home cinema

Are you a movie buff? Is there barely an evening that passes when you’re not settling down to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster?

Then your idea of the perfect man cave is probably a home cinema.

Garden rooms make perfect home cinemas as they include (nearly) all of the features of a real cinema. Thanks to their integrated electricity supplies and robust constructions, it’s easy to kit out a garden room as a fully-fledged home cinema.

Don’t forget to add a pick-n-mix section for the kids!

Games room

Perhaps you’ve always imagined yourself as the next Ronnie O’Sullivan. Or you dream of somewhere you can play that Playstation 5 that the missus doesn’t know you’ve recently purchased…

Whatever type of games you like to play, a garden room will make the perfect games room.

Many traditional rooms in homes aren’t of sufficient size or dimensions to accommodate things like snooker tables, arcade machines, ping pong tables, or large PC gaming setups.

If that’s the case with your home, then a garden room can solve your problems. Here at Rubicon Garden Rooms we offer rooms in a variety of dimensions and sizes, making it easy to create a games room that’s perfectly suited to your game of choice.

Garden bar

“Time gentlemen please!” If you’ve ever fancied yourself as something of an amateur landlord, then you can create your very own bar with a garden room.

Perfect for entertaining friends and family, a garden bar provides you with a dedicated space for drinking, dining and more.

Plus, it’ll keep everything separate from your house! So, tidying up the next day will be a breeze.

Teen den

Just think of the peace and quiet… You’ll be able to soak up the silence of your own home, whilst the kids run riot in the teen den down in the garden.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a teen den, then a garden room offers the perfect way of doing so.

Fully insulated and with electricity, garden rooms are warm, cosy places where your teens can keep themselves entertained with TV, video games and

A garden room teenage den with large to and games station

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Teen den ideas

Whether your kids are budding musicians or earnestly studying to get into uni (or both), a garden room can offer the perfect place for them to spend time. Below are just a few of the different ways you can use a garden room to create a teen den in your garden.

Music room

Most parents probably hope that if their child develops an interest in playing a musical instrument, it’s not something like the drums or electric guitar.

But, if they do, you can use a garden room to create a dedicated music room for them.

Whilst our garden rooms aren’t totally sound proof, they are insulated and feature solid doors and windows, meaning they’ll keep much of the sound within the garden room itself.

Plus, once your kids do feel like they’re ready to put on a public performance, our garden rooms with panoramic doors allow them to create their very own back garden stage.

Study room

As important exams such as GCSEs and A Levels approach, it can be handy for your teens to have a dedicated space (away from distractions) for them to study and focus.

So, why not create a garden room to act as their ‘study centre’?

It’s usually easy to add WiFi or Ethernet connections to garden rooms, and being situated in a nice, calming green space, garden rooms provide the perfect atmosphere for purposeful, reflective study.

A garden study room could make all the difference to those crucial exam grades.

Hangout space

As anyone who has dealt with teenagers for even a short amount of time will be able to tell you - they like their independence.

If you want to give your teens some freedom, but don’t want them too far out of reach, then a garden room offers the perfect solution.

It’s easy to add things like snooker tables, video game consoles and TVs to garden rooms, so it’s not hard to create a dedicated hang-out space for your teens.

Plus, thanks to their insulation and heaters, Rubicon’s garden rooms are also perfect for sleepovers. Simply add some sofa beds and your teens can stay overnight in the garden room whilst you get a peaceful night’s sleep…

Home gym

This one’s for the gym bunnies… if you’re a keep-fit fanatic, then a garden room is the best way of creating a home gym.

You’ll not only save thousands in gym subscriptions, but a home gym allows you to work out in private, use your gym equipment as and when you feel like it, and stops your house from becoming cluttered up.

Plus it’s only at the bottom of your garden, so no long trek to do your daily workout!

A garden room office gym in Liverpool with double bi fold doors and mirrored walls

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Home gym ideas

If you’re thinking of investing in a garden room as a way of creating a home gym, then think about using some of the ideas below.

Add a toilet and shower

Here at Rubicon we can often add toilets and showers to our garden rooms (subject to certain construction caveats), which means you can create a truly self-contained gym.

Add mirrors

Who doesn’t like to check their form when they are lifting weights or doing yoga!?

It’s easy to add mirrors to our garden rooms. Our robust construction methods means that the interior walls of our garden rooms will easily support large floor to ceiling mirrors.

Add a hot tub

Do you enjoy a post-workout soak? Then the addition of a hot tub to your home gym could make your workouts far more enjoyable!

Garden rooms such as our Portico model, provide a covered space where you can easily locate a hot tub.

Additional storage and living space

It may not surprise you to learn that the average UK home is much smaller than European equivalents.

British homes tend to average out at around 72 square metres. Compare this to the French average of 79 square metres, the Spanish average of 91 metres and the German average of 92.6 square metres, and you can easily see why many of us here in Britain complain about not having enough storage and living space in our homes!

But, you’ve guessed it, there’s an answer…

Yes, garden rooms, of course.

Garden rooms such as our Combi Style enable you to quickly and easily add more storage and living space to your

A garden office with side store room in the snow.

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Additional storage and living space ideas

If you’re thinking of investing in a garden room as a means of creating more storage and living space in your home, then consider the following ideas.

Store your collections

Are you someone that likes to collect things? Perhaps you’re a bibliophile and you’ve got hundreds of books? Maybe you’re a collector of vinyl records and have found that they’re taking up far too much room in your house….

Whatever you collect, a garden room offers the perfect storage solution.

Unlike a shed where your previous items can easily become damp and musty, our garden rooms are incredibly well-insulated, you can be rest assured that your collections will remain safe and in top condition.

Plus, in addition to providing storage space for your collections, a garden room will give you a dedicated space where you can spend hours enjoying your collections too.

Store bikes and other bulky items

Things like bikes can take up far more room than people realise. If you’re currently storing your family's bikes and other bulky items in your home, then you’ll know that they get in the way and can be annoying to move about when it’s time to use them.

With a garden room that includes a dedicated storage space such as our Combi Style garden room, you’ll be able to free up space in your home, whilst also making items such as your bikes easier to access and use.

Store inventory for your online business

Are you a budding retailer? Maybe you like to regularly sell items on eBay? Maybe you are running a start-up eCommerce business?

A garden room offers you the perfect base to run an online business.

Our Combi Style garden rooms feature a dedicated storage space - so you can fit racking and shelves in there to store your products - and a dedicated office space - so you can run your business and process orders etc from there.

Win, win!

Rubicon: the home of garden rooms

We hope you’ve enjoyed our garden room ideas for 2022. If they’ve sparked your imagination and you’re feeling inspired to add a garden room to your home, then speak to us today!

At Rubicon we design and manufacture the very best garden rooms, all at internet prices and built to last in excess of 30 years.

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