The Benefits of Composite Cladding for Garden Rooms

The Benefits of Composite Cladding for Garden Rooms

Ever wondered what the benefits of Composite Cladding for Garden Rooms are? If you're considering purchasing a beautiful garden room, you may have come across the option to add composite cladding. But what exactly is composite cladding, and more importantly, what benefits does it offer?

In this article, we provide an easy-to-follow guide to composite cladding for garden rooms, where you’ll discover the numerous advantages of this superb material option.

Discover the benefits of composite cladding for garden rooms…

What is composite cladding?

When it comes to garden rooms, many people assume that composite cladding is an unaesthetic, plastic, and cheap-looking exterior. However, we're here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth! Instead, think of composite cladding as a modern take on traditional timber cladding.

Premium quality composite cladding is typically made from a mixture of re-purposed wood fibres and recycled plastics, which bear a stark resemblance to natural wood - but with a cleaner and more sophisticated appearance.

Each supplier will have their own material combinations. Here at Rubicon Garden Rooms, our composite cladding is made from around 60% recycled wood fibres from sawmills and 25% from recycled waste plastic bottles, with the remainder of colour and moulding additives. This creates an exceptionally durable, hassle-free, and eco-friendly cladding option.

So, suppose you love the look of a timber finish but aren't a fan of the maintenance associated with this type of material. In that case, we’d highly recommend our wood fibre composite wall cladding for your garden room.

Is composite cladding better than timber cladding for garden rooms?

In short, yes, it can be, but it depends on your unique preferences and requirements. We'll explain why in more detail below.

While conventional timber cladding has been a longstanding favourite for many years, there are many benefits and advantages to composite cladding that timber can fall short of.

For example, composite cladding is a much more hassle-free option, and it doesn't require the same level of maintenance that conventional timber cladding does. Additionally, wood fibre composite cladding is made from a combination of recycled wood materials and repurposed plastic waste, making more use of what would be discarded materials, making it a more desirable option for those that are eco-conscious.

Timber cladding is also more susceptible to damage when exposed to the elements without proper upkeep and maintenance. For example, timber cladding can warp due to heat or excess water exposure, and it can also rot or even splinter. Constant maintenance is a feature of natural timber cladding, which isn't everyone’s favourite job. These aren't worries you'll have when opting for wood fibre composite cladding.

So, while some people prefer the authenticity of natural timber cladding and are willing to put in the effort to maintain it, others prefer the hassle-free option of composite cladding. If you're looking for a material that mimics the appearance of timber but requires zero maintenance, then composite cladding is the better choice for you.

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What are the main benefits of composite cladding?

Composite cladding provides numerous advantages when used for a garden room. Below, we have outlined the key advantages of this exceptional material.

Composite cladding is better for the environment

We touched on this earlier; however, it’s a huge benefit nonetheless! Composite cladding is one of the most eco-friendly materials available on the market.

Composite cladding is a combination of mostly recyclable materials mixed with a few colour and moulding additives, meaning that its very components have been repurposed to create an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable product that lasts a lifetime.

So, what this does is reduce the carbon footprint of the material itself, along with the number of disregarded materials in landfills. Composite cladding also minimises the need to manufacture and process new materials. Plus, when it comes to the point when it’s time to replace this material, it will also be recyclable.

When we compare wood fibre composite cladding to its timber counterparts, you’ll find that, whilst both are similar in terms of how environmentally friendly they are, composite cladding is somewhat superior - due to being made entirely of recycled materials.

At Rubicon, we’ve always been dedicated to finding ways to improve and become more environmentally conscious as a business, so making sure that our materials align with this ethos has been a priority for us.

Composite cladding is incredibly durable - and in more ways than one!

The use of composite cladding for garden rooms is renowned for being an exceptionally durable addition for various reasons.

  • Rot-resistant - composite cladding is exceptionally resistant to rot and decay, as it does not absorb water as timber cladding does. This is the most common reason for this type of damage to occur.
  • Insect-resistant - insects (e.g. woodworm) are attracted to pure timber. They also have difficulty digesting composite cladding, so they avoid it. Plus, composite cladding tends to be treated, making it even less appealing to insects.
  • Fade-resistant - timber cladding can quickly change colour due to repeated exposure to UV rays. Composite cladding is resistant to this, built to withstand harsh exposures for years to come. It has UV protection built-in, so although there is a slight colour fade when first exposed to the environment, this quickly stabilises so that no further fading occurs.
  • Weather-resistant - composite cladding is manufactured to withstand continuous exposure to the elements. So, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a particularly wet and windy area; composite cladding shouldn’t become damaged because of this.

Composite cladding is versatile and visually appealing

Composite cladding is specially designed to mimic the beautiful appearance of authentic timber cladding. So, visually, you’ll still achieve a beautiful garden room appearance, just without the need for frequent maintenance!

Timber cladding is, of course, renowned for its wide range of natural shades and designs. However, as composite cladding is designed to mimic that authentic look of timber, you’ll find the same amount of choice, with many different panel styles and various colours to choose from.

In addition, composite cladding also replicates the natural textures found with real timber cladding. So you'll not only have a visually stunning garden room - but one that also feels natural to the touch.

Composite cladding is efficient

Composite cladding is highly efficient, not only from an environmental perspective but also from the fact that it exhibits advanced insulation properties. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that it will help your garden room will be suitable for all-year-round use.

So, when you opt for this material, wood fibre composite cladding will help your new garden room trap in the heat when you need it most, such as through the winter period, whilst also remaining cool and comfortable over the warmer months.

If you’re wondering how composite cladding achieves this, the answer is in several ways. There are a couple of factors which influence this:

  • Advanced insulation properties - our composite cladding is designed to provide additional insulation properties. This means that it helps reduce the amount of heat that’s able to escape from the garden room interior.
  • Improved thermal bridging - The composite cladding helps reduce thermal bridging by providing an insulated layer between the cold exterior and warm interior elements. Think of composite cladding as the barrier, acting as a continuous layer around the garden room. This helps to trap the heat when you require it the most.

Composite cladding is more cost-effective than other readily available materials

As we mentioned earlier, composite cladding is exceptionally durable and resistant to damage which is more commonly found with timber cladding (if maintenance isn’t adhered to).

Composite cladding is generally more robust than its timber counterparts, particularly the softer woods such as western red cedar. It tends to be more impact resistant, so less easily damaged.

In addition, in the unlikely event that any damage should occur, each plank is easily removable as they all interlock and are secretly screwed rather than nailed onto the frame.

So, you’ll find that opting for this material will save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to splurge on expensive material replacements or preventative treatments. Plus, composite cladding installation is swift and can be done by relatively unskilled workers promptly, saving you money in labour costs.

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Composite cladding is zero maintenance and hassle-free

You’ll likely hear many suppliers advertising their wooden cladding options as zero maintenance, particularly Western Red Cedar - but this is not entirely true, as all types of natural timber cladding will require annual staining or painting if they are to retain their showroom look.

We’ve touched on this earlier, however, when you choose composite cladding - gone are the days of having to check around an exterior to ensure no rot or insect damage is present, as this won’t ever happen with premium quality composite cladding.

It’s designed to be an incredibly long-lasting product, which means that it will preserve and maintain its quality for a lifetime - with virtually no effort at all. And, as it is also fade-resistant, no additional paint touch-ups will be required for many years, unlike its timber counterpart.

Timber cladding will require a much higher level of maintenance. This is due to the natural oils found in timber breaking down over time, which is usually a direct result of exposure to harsh sunlight and excess moisture.

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Composite cladding is a long-term solution

When you decide to invest in a garden room, the last thing you want is an addition that demands frequent material replacements and maintenance to preserve its integrity.

Composite cladding is an aesthetically pleasing, hassle-free, long-term solution to ensuring your investment maintains its stunning appearance and quality for years to come. It’s the ‘best of both worlds’ if you will!

In fact, because of how long-lasting composite cladding is, you’ll find it being used on many other outdoor exterior structures. This includes (but is not limited to) various commercial buildings, residential homes, and even transportation infrastructure.

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Tips on how to preserve the longevity of composite cladding

We’ve included some straightforward advice below, which outlines some tips on looking after a garden room constructed with composite cladding.

  • Although composite cladding is zero maintenance, check every so often for any dirt or grim build-ups on the surface, which can happen with all building exteriors.
  • Avoid using formulas that contain strong chemicals, as this can damage the surface of the composite cladding. Warm water should be more than sufficient, but you can also use a mild soap if you wish.
  • Don’t use a pressure washer to clean your garden room. This can cause damage to the surface of the panelling. Instead, use a sponge or a soft-bristle brush in conjunction with water.

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