The Benefits of Working From a Garden Office Pod

The Benefits of Working From a Garden Office Pod

If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s likely you’ve been considering the pros and cons of a garden office pod.

Have you been wondering what value an outdoor office pod will bring to your professional and personal life? Or pondering on whether or not it’s worth the initial investment?

Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of garden offices and the advantages that working from a garden pod can bring to all aspects of your life.

The ever-growing popularity of garden office pods

Garden office pods are a growing trend that is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Ever since the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, when people couldn’t even leave their homes to go to work, outdoor office pods have become more and more popular.

With the rise of things like hybrid working, remote jobs and self-employment, an increasing number of homeowners have been looking to home office garden pods as a savvy workspace solution.

We only see garden pods growing even more in popularity, so let’s take a closer look at the (many) benefits of working from one.

The benefits of working in an outdoor office pod

Here are just some of the reasons why we’d always recommend a garden office to anybody with the space and budget to have one:

Peace, quiet, and concentration

Working from home is wonderful for so many reasons but it comes with its drawbacks too, like clutter, noise, and myriad distractions. Having a garden office to go to means you can shut the door on all of this so you can concentrate and focus on what you need to get done.

If you have virtual meetings, it’s also nice to be able to conduct these in a calm, quiet space that you can keep neat and tidy. Not only will this make you look more professional, but it will also help boost your productivity and motivation.


If you work remotely for your job but don’t want to have to face the financial burden of costly office renting and high street rates, a garden office is perfect for you.

It’s an investment, to begin with, sure, but once the initial cost has been paid off, you can then work from the comfort of your own garden, rent-free, with no commute.

No commute also means you can reduce your carbon footprint, making a garden office a super sustainable way to work.

Increased property value

Installing a garden office pod is a simpler and often cheaper way to extend your home, add more space and increase the value of the property.

Plus, if you don’t actually have spare space in the house itself to convert into a home office, an outdoor office pod is the perfect solution. It’s a fantastic alternative to the traditional home office setup.

Better work-life balance

When you work from home, it can be easy to let the hours slip by and before you know it, you’ve drank six cups of coffee and worked a 12-hour day. Having a dedicated space, separate from your living spaces is a great way to put a physical divide between your professional and personal lives.

A garden office also means you can shut yourself from the chaos of the home to concentrate but still be nearby and on-hand if you need to pick the kids up from school or take the dog on a lunchtime walk, for example.

The benefits of being in nature

It’s a well-researched fact that being surrounded by nature and greenery is a proven way to improve your mental clarity, mood, focus, and productivity levels.

Sure, indoor plants are great but imagine the rewards you could reap by working in a garden office pod surrounded by nature every day.

Plus, exposure to natural light and fresh air provides great benefits for your mental and physical health, as well as supporting your Circadian rhythm to improve sleep and better manage stress.

Do you need an insulated garden office pod?

Yes, in order for your outdoor office pod to be a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable place to work, it does need to be insulated.

If the space isn’t insulated, you won’t be able to regulate the temperature in there, which will become unpleasant and in extreme weather, unsafe.

If a garden office isn’t insulated in cold temperatures, for example, moisture can start to build up in there, which can lead to mould and damp. Not only are these unsightly and smelly, but if left unmanaged, they can also become a health hazard.

All of the garden offices at Rubicon Garden Rooms have maximum insulation with the highest quality materials so they can be made as warm and cosy as any modern house.

Plus, working from a conservatory or orangery can get extremely hot during the warmer months, so a garden office is a perfect place to escape for some cool air too.

Discover how garden rooms are insulated.

Block out background noise

The added bonus of having an insulated garden office pod is that it also helps reduce noise disturbance from outside.

This is particularly handy if you have children and pets playing in the garden, noisy neighbours close by, or if you live on a busy main road.

How much does a home office garden pod cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer to how much an outdoor office pod will cost because it depends on a whole host of variables such as features, size, and materials.

Our garden office range from around £17,000 to around £30,000, depending on the style and specifications of the model. All of our garden pods are made to measure and can be built to bespoke specs according to your budget.

So, in order to get a clearer idea of how much this type of project will cost you, it’s always best to speak to an expert about your individual requirements.

Common factors influencing the cost of a home office garden pod include:

  • Window configuration
  • Type of windows
  • Render colour
  • Cladding
  • Type of door
  • Door position
  • Shape
  • Overall size of building
  • Insulation system

Get the best products at the best prices at Rubicon Garden Rooms

One of the best things about investing in a garden office with us is that once it has been paid for in two or three years (if you aren’t paying in one swoop), it’s a 100% rent-free investment.

You don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees for high street office space or trying to reserve a spot at a co-working space, simply step out into your own garden and get to work.

Our garden offices are constructed with the highest specifications on the market and whilst guaranteed for 20yrs, they are Built to Last™ with an expected life span in excess of 30 years.

Fully insulated and designed to modern standards, this is an outdoor space you can enjoy all year round and therefore a fantastic, cost-effective investment.

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