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A validation specialist who ensures pharmaceutical companies are meeting international standards is set to expand his business, thanks to his new garden room office in Liverpool.

Liverpool-based Wayne Oultram is aiming to win new clients and eventually take on staff as his business grows.

He launched his company Oultram Validation Services in 2014 with his wife Christine, who takes care of administrative matters, after working for pharmaceutical firms AstraZeneca and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

The 40-year-old validation specialist’s work involves writing protocols to ensure pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and processes are fit for purpose and meet regulatory standards.

Initially working from the dining table of his home in Liverpool, Wayne has grown the company to the point where he needed a dedicated space to operate efficiently.

The dad-of-two now commutes daily to the end of his garden in Liverpool, where Rubicon Garden Rooms has just built his maintenance-free home office, complete with kitchen and toilet facilities.

The company uses materials created as a spin-off from the aerospace industry to create bespoke top-of-the-range buildings, which are used for everything from home offices to hobby dens, teenage chill spaces and annexes for dependent relatives. 

A man and woman in a garden room office in Liverpool

Wayne, who is originally from Macclesfield, said:“After working for large pharmaceutical firms, setting up my own company was the next logical step in my career."

“I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and had the confidence to go it alone and get my own clients. I’m where I want to be with the business at the moment. There are potential plans for expansion and having staff in the future, as I build up the company with small steps - the office being one of them.

I work a lot at the site and that entails travelling up and down the country. A lot of the documents I work with are confidential, which is why I work a lot at clients’ sites.

However, there are occasions when I bring documents home, but I didn’t have anywhere in the house to work other than the dining room table. And when you’re working in the house there are too many distractions.

I’ve got two daughters aged 11 and 12 and they’re getting to the point where they need their space to do homework so we decided it would help if my work was away from the house.

When I was working at the dining room table, I had to pack everything away at the end of each day whereas having my own office means I can pick up where I left off.

The garden room office is somewhere to spread out, and where I can file work away. Plus, having a toilet and kitchen means I don’t need to leave the office until the work is done. 

I’ve got everything I need there and it means there are no distractions. If you’re having to go back in the house during the day it pulls away from having that separate building. It also means I’m keeping the business stuff away from my personal life.”

Rubicon Garden Rooms founder and managing director, John Lyon, was inspired by his 20 years as an engineer at plane manufacturer British Aerospace to develop a zero-maintenance wood fibre composite material. John said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to have been able to provide Wayne with the office space and facilities he craved, so he is now free from the distractions of working at home. Our top-of-the-range, zero-maintenance units offer the perfect solution for people who want to separate their work and family life, but still enjoy the benefits of running their business from home.”

Fully insulated, the materials used in Rubicon’s garden rooms simulate wood, whilst other products simulate stone and slate to enhance comfort, zero maintenance and aesthetic appeal. The company has just been accredited for its commitment to customer service, under the Buy With Confidence scheme run by local authority Trading Standards teams.

Wayne added: “I started looking at the option of building an office at home last autumn and came across Rubicon Garden Rooms - I was working in North Wales, near where the company is based, so went to look at its showroom."

“The key thing for me was Rubicon were keen to do everything. It’s not just a case of constructing a building, they do all the internal stuff too. It’s the whole package. Another important factor for me is the external cladding - it means the building is maintenance-free and is going to look good for a long period of time.” 

Building a garden room in Liverpool

Our Rubicon headquarters is based just off the M56 on Deeside North Wales. So we’re proud to say that we supply many beautiful garden rooms and garden offices across Liverpool! We’ll come to you, providing you with the craftsmanship skills required to construct the garden room extension you’ve always dreamed of. 

We understand the importance of choosing the right specialist to create your project. So, if you’re wondering what some of the benefits are to choosing Rubicon, see below: 

  • No waiting around - we offer quick installations here at Rubicon, with our average being 2 weeks from start to finish.

  • Premium quality - we only construct the very best quality garden rooms.

  • Insulation - our garden rooms are super warm insulated, providing you with a comfortable all-year-round space. 

  • Maintenance-free - when you opt for composite cladding with us, you’ll receive a maintenance-free garden room that’ll maintain its quality. 

  • Eco-friendly - we’re committed to using sustainable materials to build our garden rooms as much as possible. 

  • Hassle-free - from start to finishwe take care of everything for you. So, sit back and relax whilst we construct the project you’ve always wanted!  

  • Choice - we offer a variety of styles, sizes and designs to suit all preferences and budgets - including bespoke projects. 

  • No planning permission required - you likely won’t need to apply for planning permission, as our projects don’t usually require them.Click here for more detailed information on our garden rooms and planning permission. 

  • Cost-effective - our garden rooms are a superb option for those looking to add living space to their home at a fraction of the cost of a home extension project. 

  • 20-year guarantee - all of our customers receive a beautiful garden room extension designed to stand the test of time, complete with a 20-year guarantee (T&Cs apply). 

Rubicon locations 

If you’re not based in Liverpool, you can rest assured that we build unbeatable garden rooms and offices across a vast area of the UK.

Our experienced Rubicon team can travel up to 70 miles from our base in Deeside, but you’ll also find us operating predominantly in:

  • Wirral. 

  • Flintshire.

  • Lancashire.

  • Chester.

  • Denbighshire.

  • Liverpool.

  • Cheshire.

  • North Wales.

  • Warrington. 

  • Wrexham.

  • Manchester.

  • Crewe.

  • Deeside.

  • North West. 

  • Nantwich. 

  • Shropshire. 


So, if you’re interested in seeing what a new garden room extension could look like for you, be sure to reach out to us to find out more. 

Explore garden rooms for your home in Liverpool

If you’re interested in adding a beautiful garden room extension to your home in Liverpool - you’re in luck. 

At Rubicon, we offer an extensive range of garden rooms and office models to choose from, and we also work on bespoke projects. So, no matter what, when you choose Rubicon, you’ll receive the best quality garden room extension for your home and lifestyle. 

From our stunning Cabin Style garden rooms that make for the perfect studio space to our Vista Style offices (which are also used to create the ultimate hobby dens and luxury home cinemas), we’re committed to offering variety when creating the dream home extension.