Garden Office with Toilet in Sale Manchester for business couple

Rachel and Dave decided to create a Garden Office with toilet, at their home in Sale, Manchester so that Dave could develop his professional training courses. His partner Rachel also works from home and the pair found themselves competing for space in their house, where they have lived for 15 years.

Rachel said: “I’ve always worked from home -  although I travel a lot too -  for a large American outsourcing firm providing support to a large software organisation customers, and I use the front room as my office.

Dave spent many years in the probation service and now works for a training company developing and delivering training in the criminal justice system.

“It  meant he could do a fair bit of that from home - however,  he was working on his lap-top, on his knee in the lounge, and we found we were in each other’s way quite a bit.

“So we decided the best solution was to build a Garden Office, where Dave could work. We are lucky as we have quite a bit of outside space and neither Dave or I ever have time for gardening, so we thought we should use it.

We did an awful lot of research and found Rubicon online. We drove across to Deeside to have a look at their showroom, and all the different examples on display.

We liked managing director John Lyon a lot and his approach gave us confidence to start the process.

“All in all, it took a couple of months from deciding that we would have a Garden Office until the team arrived on site as they were very busy and we needed to book a delivery slot well in advance Then they were here for about three weeks for the installation which included drainage and water supplies for a toilet and mini kitchen

The team were lovely guys – no nonsense and very diligent, polite, hard-working people. Dave likes to cook a bit – mainly cakes and pastries – so he baked things for them, which always helps to keep the team happy.

We now have a beautiful extra Garden Office room, which Dave uses when he’s working at home.  He has a 30 second walk to work in the morning, and it means we are no longer in the way of each other.

The office has double doors, full heating, a sink unit and fridge, plus it’s plumbed with an eco loo.

Dave has bought himself a lovely big desk, and now he has a proper place to work.

“It is much better as we are apart during the day rather than being constantly in the same space.

I believe that the building is also a thing of great beauty and I would absolutely recommend Rubicon to anyone considering something similar.