A one bedroom granny Annexe from Rubicon on Deeside

Granny Annexes in Deeside

Granny Annexes are self-contained living units, typically attached to or situated within the grounds of a family home. A granny annexe can provide an elderly relative or loved one with their own private space, while still allowing them to maintain close proximity to family members. This arrangement offers a balance between independence and familial support, catering to the needs of both the elderly individual and their family.

At Rubicon Garden Rooms we design and manufacture high specification Granny Annexes in the Deeside area.  Our structures are Built to Last in excess of 30 years and are as good as a small modern house. When buying from us you can be assured that you are receiving the ultimate value for money specification, with no compromise on structural performance.

What we offer:

  • 20 years structural guarantee
  • 20 years manufacturer’s roofing guarantees
  • Zero Maintenance exteriors



Deeside, nestled along the banks of the River Dee in North Wales, isn't your typical postcard village. Instead, it's a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of industrial might, community spirit, and the gentle charm of a river valley. Its story stretches back centuries, from Roman legionnaires marching along the Dee to the clang of the Industrial Revolution shaping its present.

Industry is the beating heart of Deeside. Deeside Industrial Park, a sprawling complex sprawling across the Dee's north bank, hums with activity. Global giants like Tata Steel and Toyota call it home, their factories spewing smoke and forging the metal sinews of modern life. But Deeside's industrial tapestry boasts more than just heavyweights. Smaller businesses, from food producers to tech startups, add their own vibrant hues, creating a diverse economic landscape.


Yet, Deeside is more than just its factories. Its communities, each with their own character, pulse with life. Connah's Quay, the largest town, bustles with shops and cafes, while Shotton, with its Victorian terraces, whispers tales of the shipbuilding past. Nestled amongst them are smaller villages like Hawarden, its castle overlooking the Dee, and Queensferry, its graceful bridge a symbol of connection.

Senior Citizens

For Deeside's senior citizens, life offers a blend of independence and support. Sheltered housing complexes, nestled amidst the bustle, provide safe havens with a sense of community. Day centres offer activities and companionship, while dedicated healthcare services ensure well-being. Yet, many seniors choose to remain in their own homes, their gardens blooming with memories and windows framing familiar streets.


In these communities, sport reigns supreme. From the raucous cheers at Deeside RFC's rugby matches to the quiet concentration of bowlers at Queensferry Bowling Club, Deeside vibrates with sporting passion. Football pitches echo with the thud of boots, and cricket whites dot the greens like scattered daisies. Sport isn't just about competition; it's about weaving the threads of community even tighter.


Housing in Deeside reflects its diverse character. Victorian terraces stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern semi-detached homes, their brick facades a testament to different eras. Garden City, a planned community born from industrial ambition, showcases its unique architectural heritage with its Arts and Crafts bungalows and leafy squares. In the villages, quaint cottages peek from behind stone walls, whispering stories of rural life.