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Five ideas for creating your perfect Man Cave

Who wouldn’t love to have a garden man cave at home to do their own thing? Imagine having a place dedicated to doing something you love, where everything you need is gathered together in an easily accessible and attractive location that takes you seconds to reach. Unfortunately, unless your house is quite large, it’s not easy to create separate spaces like this in it. This is why we have so many customers come to us to provide them with a tailored garden room for the purposes of creating their very own completely bespoke building in the garden

In the interests of balance, we must quickly qualify that statement however by explaining we don’t only have male customers wanting their own private space, creating their own sanctuary is something women are just as keen to do! We’re using a generic term but really, this is for anyone who values a high quality dedicated space to do their own thing, so it could also be called a she den but it doesn’t rank as well on google! So it works in either way, giving your family some space away from your hobby – particularly if said hobby takes up quite a lot of room or makes quite a bit of noise!

Five popular uses for a Man Cave

  • Man Cave as a music room

Our garden rooms are extremely effective when it comes to soundproofing, so if you’ve always longed for that special space to indulge your musical passions, then go for it. You might want a place where you can keep instruments and play away to your heart’s content; you might want a room where you can set up your turntable and indulge in your vinyl collection! Whichever way you choose to enjoy your music, a garden building gives you the perfect place to do it.

  • Man Cave for getting stuck into sport

Are you a keen sports lover? Maybe snooker is your thing, or table tennis, but it’s simply not possible to set it up in the house. Perhaps you enjoy a regular gym workout but trying to find time to get there is difficult. A garden man cave offers you the perfect solution, providing a room you can use year round that holds all the necessary equipment so it’s set up ready for action and is in about as convenient a location as is possible!

  • Man Cave for putting your feet up

If watching sport appeals more than actually doing it, then why not create a chill out room complete with TV (and possibly fridge - some customers have even added in a bar!) where you can settle down to watch your favourite fixtures. With the addition of a games console, it could also become a gaming room where you can yell at the TV as much as you like without driving anyone else mad. Be warned though: this set up is very likely to be a magnet to other members of your family who might also fancy some chilled-out home cinema time…

  • Man Cave for indulging in your collections

Collectors will recognise the problem; you devote a significant amount of your time collecting something you’re passionate about, only to have to box them up and store them away as you’ve nowhere to keep them. Your own secure space offers an ideal opportunity to have your collectables on display and quickly accessible. Book lovers can have shelving installed creating a quiet library space for enjoying reading; model railway collectors can have their track set up permanently; rock collectors can have display units installed to show off their finest specimens... the possibilities are endless.

  • Man cave as an artist’s den

If you’re an artist or crafter, it can get messy and isn’t ideal for people living with you either. A garden man cave can be used as an artist’s studio, giving you somewhere to keep all your materials and works-in-progress out and accessible. Crafts can be carried out easily, with plenty of space for specialist tools, storage and display.

Tempted by the prospect of your very own Man Cave come Hobby Room?

This isn’t an exhaustive list and, of course, another big plus is that a garden room’s versatility means the space can be repurposed if you ever wanted it to be. Whatever you are using it for – she den, garden man cave, sanctuary, office – our garden rooms are the perfect place to get away from it all while being just steps away from your back door with the bonus that they add extra value to your property too! They’re secure, fully insulated and usable all year round and have zero maintenance exteriors that don’t need any staining or painting. Plus our 20 year guarantee means you genuinely can ‘Buy With Confidence’. For more information about making your garden man cave a reality, please do get in contact with us on 01244 552813.

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