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Working from home in your own Garden Office is something that most people find a pretty appealing prospect. The chance to avoid the chaos of the dining room table or the intemperate conditions in the conservatory or the clutter of the spare bedroom is very attractive. And that’s why many people are turning to specialist manufacturers of repute to find the perfect solution…

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A garden office helps you focus and work in peace

You might be fortunate enough to have a room you can convert into a fully dedicated garden office in your house, and so long as extensive renovations are not needed, it should be fairly inexpensive.  But if you don’t have a spare room, it might mean working from your dining or kitchen table or trying to claim a corner of another room. Even if you do have a dedicated office in the house, it’s not always ideal. There are still many distractions around: noisy family, clutter, washing up calling to you…

garden office however, gives you the best of both worlds. You’re on hand if needed; you don’t have to miss out on being around family and can fit in jobs you need to do like collecting the kids from school or walking the dog at lunchtime. But you also have the peace and quiet to focus 100% on work when you need to. And it sends out a clear message to those around you that you need private time to work, giving you both physical and mental separation from your house. That clear distinction between living space and working space can really help you stay motivated and focused and avoid home and work life merging. If you’re in the house, you might find it can be a struggle to get motivated to work and equally it can be hard to switch off when you’re not! Not good either way - which is why one of our buildings offers such an excellent solution

A Garden Office lets you create your ideal working space

Unlike working from a company office, or even in your own house, an office in the garden can be custom designed and furnished to suit your precise requirements. It can be used all year round. It’s a fully insulated environment where you can adjust the temperature to suit (no more shivering or boiling as you find yourself having to gowith the majority preference in the company office!). Light fittings can be arranged to give you the exact illumination you want. Even housing-quality kitchens and toilets can be incorporated into your new garden office. Storage can be set up to cater for exactly what you need: all documentation can be organised neatly and in one place rather than left lying around on a kitchen table with a habit of disappearing when you are in urgent need of it!

A Garden Office lets you benefit from some natural inspiration

Studies have shown how beneficial green, natural views are for health, efficiency and productivity. That’s why indoor plants have become so popular in workspaces. So imagine the impact of being able to take in the view of your garden every day because you’re right in it! Stepping out into your garden for a quick break and breath of fresh air can do wonders for calming and refocusing the mind.


One of the big drawbacks of working from your house is that it’s not really ideal for holding face to face meetings. Not many people are keen to allow clients into their houses and probably quite a few of us would have to spend an awfully long time tidying it beforehand! A garden office provides you with a working space where you can hold meetings in a relaxed but professional looking environment.


There are so many positives about working from a room in the garden which is your garden office. Being spared the office commute with all the associated costs (personal and environmental) and time wasted sitting in traffic. No more working in noisy offices being distracted by colleagues or trying to concentrate while half a dozen other conversations are going on all around you. No longer having to fit into company core working hours.Instead, you have a quiet, professional space located metres from your house where you can completely focus on your work. And if you need a few more reasons about why our buildings offer the ideal solution, how about the fact that in most instances you don’t need to apply for planning permission? Or that our products can increase the value of your property?

A Rubicon garden office helps you achieve all of this and more..

A Rubicon garden office is secure, usable all year round and will stand up to the weather year after year. We offer buildings of exceptional quality, we do not skimp on our fixtures and fittings, or cut corners to save a few pounds, you get genuine value for money. In addition, we produce garden office that are truly zero maintenance, so you don’t have to spend your valuable leisure time painting or staining its exterior, you can enjoy time with the wife and kids or your favourite hobby instead. And with our 20 year guarantee and membership of the Trading Standards’ “Buy With Confidence” scheme, you can be reassured you are buying an exceptional addition to your home - something which adds value rather than the wasted money paid to commercial landlords. If you’d like to find out more, please do get in contact or why not visit our 11 Essential Questions before you buy page?

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