What is Wood Composite?

Most people are familiar with composite decking materials which have taken the UK by storm over the past 10 years or so, replacing the traditional wooden decks due to their rot resistance and general low maintenance credentials.

Essentially, our Wood Fibre Composite Cladding is the same material, it is just designed to allow water vapour to drain freely along purpose built channels within the cladding. It has the same rot resistance as the familiar decking products, together with the same zero-maintenance advantages. (Please Note: we do NOT recommend power washing as it can strip the finish off the boards and may also cause boards to crack if too powerful)

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With a 10 year guarantee and an expected life in excess of 30 years, Wood Fibre Composite is the 21st Century material for modern Garden Offices, Garden Studios and Garden Rooms

But what is a Wood Fibre Composite you might reasonably ask?  A composite is a mixture of two or more materials, each of which adds certain properties and benefits when used in conjunction with the other (1+1=3??).  Carbon Fibre and Fibre Glass used in modern cars and aircraft are composites wherein resins are mixed with strong fibres to provide materials of a lighter weight.

Wood Fibre Composite is a similar Eco-friendly product. It is made from recycled wood residues (sawdust etc) and a binding agent.  This cladding material has a high (87%) recycled content, and uses wood which is sourced through sustainable forestry, it is the perfect finishing touch to an eco friendly, low emission Garden Office or recreational building.  The result is a Garden Room with the natural look and feel of timber, which is UV stable (after initial slight fading); and one which handles extreme hot and cold conditions with excellent weathering properties, whilst offering the huge benefits of true ZERO Maintenance.