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At our Deeside factory we manufacture Garden Rooms, Garden Offices and Garden Studios of the highest quality - our buildings ARE NOT insulated sheds, they are properly built miniature 'houses' crafted to the latest building standards and they are BUILT TO LAST for 30+ years.

They are designed to add value to your home - typically 5% of the resale value according to TV property personality Sarah Beeny.

We are an independently owned family business which means that you deal with us from the first consultation to the final fitting itself; we do not outsource the installation to 3rd parties.

Our buildings are not the cheapest - there is always someone who will sacrifice quality and cut corners to beat our prices and get your business, but as with most things in life - you get what you pay for - do you really want to spend good money on an insulated 'shed' which will smell damp and musty in 5yrs time?

We offer great value for money - the highest specifications and quality craftsmanship for a factory-direct price with no middlemen

We can do cheaper but we can't do cheapest - the subtle difference being that we can offer you a lower specification if you need to save money, which still retains the strength and beauty of the original design, but which for example has less insulation in the walls or uses a lower grade of exterior cladding.

A garden room or office is just like a car, if you just want something to get you from A to B for a couple of years, buy the cheap one. If you want it to last and give reliable performance without having to visit the garage for continual maintenance, pay a bit more.

In all cases we are happy to discuss so feel free to give us a call on 01244 552813.