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Autumn & Winter Garden Trends 2022

With summer 2022 officially over, it’s time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead.

Decorating your outdoor space can be a joyful experience, but if you’ve been struggling with finding inspiration for autumn and winter, don’t worry - you aren’t alone!

We’ve put together a list of the most popular garden trends for autumn and winter 2022 that’ll hopefully inspire you to create your own outdoor haven. Keep reading to find out more…

Popular garden trends for autumn and winter

As a general observation, we’re seeing more households wanting to create an outdoor living space that’s centred around providing comfort and style without compromising on functionality.

See below to discover how people are transforming their gardens for the colder months ahead.

Artificial gardens are out

According to Ideal Home, people are starting to turn away from artificial garden landscapes. So, say hello to gardens that encourage and welcome wild plants and natural growth this autumn and winter.

If you’ve opted for artificial features within your garden space, don’t panic just yet. Garden trends aren’t one-size-fits-all, and there are preferences to account for.

For instance, if you prefer artificial grass in your garden because of its advantages (e.g. pest-free and low maintenance), keep it in place! There are always other options for creating a space that allows for natural features.

For example, swapping out artificial flowers for planted ones, whether that’s in pots or through creating a designated flower bed area, without having to rip up your entire garden.

Imperfect landscaping

A few years ago, garden trends centred around creating pristine gardens with designated areas for plants and other natural touches.

So, the idea of saying goodbye to almost immaculately presented gardens will naturally stem from the fact that many are starting to design their spaces to appear more unique, as opposed to a standardised look and finish.


Sustainability in home gardens has been a strong trend throughout 2022, and it’s showing no signs of slowing.

Sustainability in personal gardens simply means finding ways in which your garden can be kinder to the environment. Think curated rewilding, going peat-free, making your own compost and so on.

The idea of having an outdoor space that feels immersive and natural is only increasing in popularity, with many wanting to achieve the look and feel of nature as opposed to prim and proper.

Modern outdoor lighting

According to data from Google Trends, people searching the World Wide Web for outdoor lighting in the UK began to rise sharply in November 2021 and continued to climb throughout December and January.

We predict this year will be similar to the previous year, if not more popular, simply because the trend of people using their gardens more hasn’t slowed down.

Google Trends also shows that throughout the last few months, more and more people have begun their search for modern outdoor lighting.

So, we predict that gardens across the UK will feature contemporary-style lighting throughout the rest of the year. Think LED fixtures, spotlights and lantern-style lighting that produces a cosy glow.

Garden room gyms

A garden room office gym in Liverpool with double bi fold doors and mirrored walls

We predict home garden gyms to be increasingly popular in the autumn and winter of 2022.

The spring and summer allow for outdoor exercising, simply because the weather is much more accommodating and enjoyable for this activity. Towards the end of the year, when the weather becomes colder and the days become shorter, it may be less appealing to partake in outdoor activities - especially when the sun sets at 4 pm!

So, we predict more people will prepare a space from home where they can exercise safely and comfortably. And what better way to do that than with a premium garden room!

Home cinemas

Nothing beats snuggling up in front of the television with a cosy blanket and a classic movie. So, naturally, many who have garden rooms in their outdoor space are starting to use them as home cinemas.

Garden rooms are a perfect environment for home cinema purposes, as they offer integrated electricity supplies, advanced heating features and toasty warm insulation.

A garden room cinema in Frodsham with a white couch.

Contemporary water features

According to House Beautiful, water features for gardens have surpassed solar lights, outdoor mirrors and statues in sales popularity - combined!

Water features are known for bringing a sense of calmness and relaxation to outdoor spaces and are known to remove feelings of “mental clutter”. And the best part is that there are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your own garden, depending on your personal preference and space availability.

For example, some may opt for a modern sphere water feature for an eye-catching touch, while others may prefer to add a pond to provide a safe place for wildlife to visit.

Fiery features

Adding another element to the mix, tasteful and worthwhile fire features for garden use will be all the rage for the remainder of 2022.

According to Google Trends, people are (by far) the most interested in fire pits, stealing the top spot from patio gas heaters. We’re seeing a steady increase in popularity, which is expected to shoot up now that we’re approaching autumn and winter.

Not only that, but Statistica reported a 12% increase in those looking for aesthetically pleasing firepits to add to their garden spaces.

Creating a garden that supports comfortable yet stylish outdoor living is the trend for the autumn-winter ahead. So, if you’re keen on utilising your garden throughout the colder months, adding features that’ll make the space more comfortable will need to be on the top of your priority list.

Fire pits will do a superb job of radiating heat throughout your outdoor space, and they’ll also create a cosy ambience, thanks to the natural lighting that emits from a fire pit.

Gardens for winter entertainment

The University of Surrey reported that over 60% of households in the UK spend time in their gardens daily. Plus, autumn and winter hold many special occasions that are a cause for celebration with loved ones. For example, Christmas and New Year's Eve!

So, if hosting outdoors and dining alfresco over autumn and winter is on the agenda for you, you’re not alone. Prepping the garden to cater to outdoor socialising will stay in demand for the remainder of 2022.

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