garden room with open door

REMEMBER: We can make bespoke made to measure sizes, configurations, and interiors - whatever your needs we can match it!


  • EXTERNAL SIZE - See Product Name for external width and depth.  Add 1m (approx) depth for full width Decking when specified
  • INTERNAL SIZE - Deduct 300mm from width and depth quoted in Product Name to establish approximate interior floor space.
  • OVERALL HEIGHT – Our buildings comply with the 2.5m height limit for Permitted Development under current Planning Regulations, more HERE
  • WALLS - Fully Insulated & Ventilated Cavity Walls comprising (Similar build to a Modern House): Overall thickness 200mm (approx); 21mm Composite Cladding (Choice); Ventilated Cavity on treated Battens (where required); Du-Pont Tyvek or similar Foil Breather Membrane; 9mm OSB3 Exterior Grade Sheathing; 96mm x 47mm (approx) treated C16 or C24 structural grade frames; 75mm Celotex (or similar) PIR foiled foam frame insulation; Vapour Barrier Membrane; 12.5mm Plasterboard and Skim.
  • CLADDING - Our standard supply is a Wood Composite cladding material with a manufacturer’s 25 year guarantee offering ZERO maintenance (see FAQs for explanation).  Cedar cladding is offered as a no cost option if preferred.
  • FLOOR – Weed Control Membrane, Fully Insulated Floors comprising: (minimum) 125mm treated Floor Joists; Double Joist Perimeter; Adjustable Galvanised Legs; 75mm PIR Celotex (or similar) foiled Foam Insulation; Damp Control Membrane; 22mm Industrial Grade Laminated and Moisture Resistant Floor Boards
  • ROOF –Fully Insulated Roof comprising: (minimum) 170mm treated Roof Joists; 75mm PIR foiled foam insulation between joists; Vapour Control Barrier; 50mm Ventilated Cavity; 18mm OSB3 Exterior Grade Structural Roof Boards; 20 year FIRESTONE EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane; 12mm Plasterboard and skim finish.
  • GUTTERS - Black plastic gutters, downspouts and water butt as required - connection to mains drainage by others (connected if required at extra cost)
  • DECKING -  Optional extra cost Decking comprising: (minimum) 125mm treated Floor Joists; Zero maintenance Composite Decking Boards; stainless steel fixings.
  • PATIO DOORS - Double Glazed twin or single doors (Sliding Doors no cost option) in Grey (other colours no cost option) UPVC (aluminium available as a cost option); Multipoint security locking system; Pilkington's 'K' Glass as standard.
  • WINDOWS - Double Glazed in Grey (other colours no cost option) UPVC (aluminium available as a cost option). Keyed security locks fitted; Pilkington's 'K' Glass as standard.
  • FIXINGS - All assembled with stainless steel, galvanised or green coated exterior screws and fixings.
  • ELECTRICAL - 4 Gang PCB protected Consumer Unit; minimum 4 Ceiling Spotlights (6 on larger buildings); minimum 4 Double Switched Sockets; interior Light Switch all fascias in brushed or chromed steel; 2KW Electric Convector Heater with Timer and Thermostat - connection of Garden Building to incoming supply by others or priced upon application
  • PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER - All Structural Floor, Roof and Wall Timbers pressure preservative treated for minimum 20 year life expectancy
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED - Your Garden Office will arrive with our trained installers ready for full assembly by us on our own concrete pile foundations (excludes interior decoration and armoured electrical mains supply cables and connection of incoming supply, priced extra if required due to variable site requirements). Please see the Base & Requirements tab for our ground condition requirements. Click HERE for a list of areas that incur additional delivery charges.

Whilst our Garden Room specifications are very comprehensive there are a couple of items NOT included in our standard range prices for the reasons stated below. However, these services can be priced for on an individual basis and included at extra cost if the Customer so wishes:

1) Supply, routing, trenching and connection of armoured cabling required to facilitate the electrical connections between any existing 240v supply (from your House for example) and the Garden Building's Consumer Unit. See Legislation HERE

Reason: Price subject to site survey. As every installation varies, it is impossible for us to provide a standard price for this service.

2) Supply, routing, trenching and connection of any Water, Drainage, Gas, Telephone, Internet or other such Utilities.

Reason: Price subject to site survey. As every installation varies, it is impossible for us to provide a standard price for this service.

3) Clearing of ground and/or removal of debris and any other physical ground or overhead obstacles, other than light surface soil and vegetation, needed to enable the efficient and timely installation of your Garden Room

Reason: Price subject to site survey. As every installation varies, it is impossible for us to provide a standard price for this service.

4) Painting and decorating of interior walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Reason: It takes plaster skim about 7 days to dry (may be longer in colder weather) and for us to return to site to carry-out this work would cost more than either doing it yourself, or employing a local firm to do it for you. This helps us to keep the costs of our standard products down.

5) Carpet, Tile, Laminate or other types of floor coverings.

Reason: Our standard fit is an industrial grade 22mm thick interlocking floor system with a laminated top face. This is a perfect subsurface for any type of floor covering, including ceramic tiles. As the types and colours of floor coverings vary so much, it is impossible for us to provide a standard price, as you will most likely want to make a personalised choice. It will be more cost effective for you to contract a local supplier for this service, although we will do it for you if you wish.

Please also click the ‘Base & Other Requirements’ tab for information on Base, Delivery and Access requirements HERE.